Show Your Donors the Love


You spent a lot of money acquiring those donors! And they’ve already shown you that they care.

So this Valentine’s Day, make a commitment to spend more time telling your donors, advocates, and all your constituents how much you love and adore them.

Here are a few simple yet effective ways to show them the love:

  • Thank them. The president of one nonprofit that we know takes time every, single day to make phone calls thanking donors for their support. It inspires him to speak to real live donors, and it makes each donor feel special.
  • Thank them FAST. When you order an item online, you want it delivered right away. Amazon Prime members pay $99 a year for that privilege. Responding immediately is a critical way to cement the goodwill that comes from making a gift.
  • Report back. No one wants to see their funds go into a black hole. Report back to your donors on how their money was spent and all the good it did.
  • Don’t always ask for money. Donors are not ATMs. Sometimes, they just need to know that you’re thinking of them as human beings. Send a card congratulating them on their anniversary as a supporter. Give them a poem that one of your clients has written. Show them a picture of someone they’ve helped.
  • Tell them what their donation means. Every donation is a choice – and often, a sacrifice. Let your donors know that you appreciate and value every dollar they send.
  • Remind them how it feels to give. Scientific research supports the fact that people get an endorphin rush from helping others. It can’t hurt to remind donors that giving actually feels good even while it does good.

When you express your appreciation to your donors, you get loyalty in return. So don’t hesitate to tell your donors how much they are valued, Valentine’s Day and every day of the year.

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